The Necessary Explosion App
by LAVA —
Music You Can See

August 1, 2018

The Necessary Explosion app powered by LAVA, an independent project intended to push the limits of music and technology, is a new kind of augmented reality experience that turns vinyl album, SOS, (by artist Necessary Explosion) into a psychedelic listening experience. The app actively listens and interprets 11 tracks in the album, subsequently triggering 70’s inspired sculptures that spin on top of the vinyl on a turntable. The seamless conjunction of AR content activated by audio information creates a new type of listener-user engagement, also giving musicians the opportunity to create digital art that mirrors musical intention.

Today, the majority of AR apps rely on visual markers, or 2D image anchors, within the users environment in order to generate content. With the Necessary Explosion app, we use a combination of technologies, sophisticatedly glued together by proprietary source code, to utilize audio information as the AR trigger. The app dynamically produces content, fingerprinting the song at any point in its composition, based on a mobile smartphone or tablet listening through its microphone. It is nimble enough to adhere to archetypal music listening behavior by supplying visuals and track information, during song selection, skipping and replaying of songs. We have created a new solution for a symbiotic relationship between music listening and AR visuals in a way that is seamless and unexpected.

Historically, the music industry has gone through multiple reinventions fueled by media and technology. In the future, we see LAVA developing into an augmented reality music visualization platform that allows artists, music and emerging technologies to work together in harmony, pioneering the latest rejuvenation for the music industry. By working hand-in-hand with musical artists to create 3D visual interpretations of each song, collaborations will be stylistically tailored in order to make each visual album unique. The Necessary Explosion app, and future LAVA collaborations, bring technology and music listening together in a way that entices today’s mobile driven generation.

The app is available for download on iOS devices in the App Store and can be experienced with the SOS vinyl LP or by listening through an external digital sound system.